A Woman of Many Gifts!






KELLE' AVENT is a multi-talented 

woman who exemplifies humility, grace and favor. Hailing from Baltimore, MD, she is an award-winning author, established playwright, motivational speaker and radio host. In addition to her gifts, Kelle’ is also a member of professional and social organizations such as the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), Black Girls Write, Alpha Nu Omega Christian Sorority, Inc. and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


Today, Kelle’ is a wife to her long-time friend and high school sweetheart Carlos, and  mother to her joy and heartbeat, her daughter Lyric.​


​Kelle’ currently serves as Executive Producer and 1/3 of the "Mornings with Mykel" morning show team broadcasting live M-F 6A-10A on WEAA 88.9FM in Baltimore, MD. She also produces The Journalogues an opportunity for women to share their truths in a safe, faith filled environment. Think of it as, a night at the theatre meets reality, transparency and strength...The Journalogues. 




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